Friday, June 3, 2011

We Are Teachers

Recently, Linx Educational became a business partner with the popular website We Are Teachers. If you are not familiar with this online community of educators, I highly recommend checking them out. is a well organized site where teachers and administrators share their opinions, ideas, tips and best practices.

Once a business partner, one unique option with We Are Teachers is for your company to offer a grant. As schools continue to face budget cuts, Linx Educational made the decision to participate. It was one of the easier decisions here at our workplace. The grants are a fantastic opportunity for everyone. Not only did five winners receive a $200 cash grant and a Flip Video Camera, but there are now 209 responses to our grant question, "How do you use media like videos, podcasts and blogs to enhance student learning?"

The responses made me so proud of our teachers. And, I have to say, the creativity happening in our schools today is amazing. Every day teachers across the country walk into their classrooms faced with obstacles such as overpopulated classrooms, a shortage of supplies, children with limited attention spans and constant reminders of more budget cuts on the way. Every day they show up and do their best because they know education is the key. The key to a child having a better life, the community having better citizens, the world being a better place. To realize their challenges, it was inspiring to see their responses. Our teachers are so talented and creative. Their ideas are fun, motivating and inspiring. And technology has provided an incredible medium for learning. I was excited to see how our educators are using the tools they have to create a classroom where learning is fun.

When you have time, visit I feel pretty confident you will be impressed and motivated by what you find. There are thousands of ideas. You'll find everything from how to set up a classroom to how to keep your kids reading and learning through the summer months. It is a great place to see and feel some positive energy from our educators.